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SLIDING SCALE : How Does That Work?

Sliding Scale means that payment for my services are to be determined by what you can afford within a scale I set myself. There is a lower end and a higher and. People who have a higher income in relation to their expenses should pay towards the higher end of the scale and people with a low income in relation to their expenses should pay on the lower end. I do not ask for proof of income or expenses. I only ask that clients pay honestly and to the top of their ability within my scale. Paying at the top of your ability at the time of service allows me to continue to provide massage that is affordable for those who can't. You do not have to tell me what you are going to pay or apologize for not being able to afford the higher end of my scale. You do not always have to pay the same price each time. Circumstances change and I hope that my services can remain accessible to those who need it. 

Service Menu

30 Minute Massage

Perfect for a regular refresher, relaxation when you're on a tight schedule or a way to introduce yourself to a self care routine. Massage isn't for everyone, but it does work for tons of people! here's a good way to test it out. 
US sliding scale $20-50

60 Minute Massage 

One hour gives us the time to really focus on a problem area or two and/or address the rest of the body for full body relaxation. Prepare for ultimate relaxation
US sliding scale $45-90

90 Minute Massage

90 minutes is best for deep relaxation and thorough work through areas of tenstion. We can fully explore multiple modalities. If you wish and have got the time, and want to melt away the tension, I'd consider this option.
US sliding scale $70-120

Cupping Therapy (US only)

Cupping is an ancient form of therapy in which the skin is suctioned into a bulb through either heat or suction. This technique promotes blood circulation, soothes sore muslces, and treats chromic and acute pain. 
15min  $10
30min $20


Swedish Massage

The most common type of massage therapy consisting of long rhythmic strokes, kneading and gentle movement of the joints. Swedish Massage focuses on increasing circulation andinducing relaxation.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish with firmer pressure, and focus on the deepest muscles, tendons and fascia in the body. This modality is great for chronic pain and deep tension.

Trigger point therapy

This semi-agressive modality targets painful areas that refer to and affect other areas of the body. We use direct, sustained pressure (fingers, knuckles, elbows) to deactivate an overly tense muscle and finish off by using long strokes to stretch. Recipents participate by identifying trigger points and taking deep breaths during the process.

Myofascial Release 

Using gentle sustained pressure, this modality helps to elongate or loosen muscles at a slow, steady pace. This promotes flexibility and function and is the best way to start out stretching short tight muscles. 

Sports Massage

To help folks who are training for and playing sports with flexibility and muscle strength. this style of massage is more involved and will consist of stretches, deep tissue work and contract/relax exercises.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnacy can bring on tons of new aches and pains and the need for posture adjustments and muscular support is great during this time. Enjoy some side-lying therapeutic work from the 2nd trimester onwards.


Contact me to purchase a gift voucher for a family member, friend, partner, colleague etc. these make great gifts! The sliding scale applies to these vouchers as long as they are redeemed at participating locations. You can pay via payment apps such as paypal and depending where you are you can pay via bank transfer or of course in cash. The vouchers can be sent by post, email or picked up in person by you at my workplace.

Sponsor a  Massage!

Even with the affordable sliding scale option, some folks who want and need massage will not have access to the services I offer.

With respect to my own labor and time, I do what I can to make massage as accessible for people under financial struggle as I can, but it can only cover so much.


If a person cannot afford a session or offer a trade that makes sense for me, I have developed a sponsorship program in my practice where folks can donate to sponsor a massage for specific individuals, members of a specific community or anonymous recipients. You can donate anonymously and receive anonymously. If you'd like to share your information and/or a message with the donor/recipient, feel free!

I will announce when I have available sponsored massages for redemption. Applicants will be put on a waiting list and contacted when there are enough funds in the sponsored account.


All my services, certificates and sponsored massages are priced on the same sliding scale.


to apply as a recipient or donate or for any questions,


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