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Hello! I'm Mercedez. Welcome to my website! My pronouns are she/her or they/them. Feel free to tell me yours when you get in touch or when we meet in person! Some fun facts about me are that I am Queer, Latina and a quintessential Pisces. Identity markers really only cover so much, so try not to assume anything about me and I won't about you! I enjoy fat friendly fitness, being cozy with my cat and partner, embroidery, social justice activism, mystical stuff, podcasts and being near any body of water. I'm a Chicago native who often lives in and travels to different cities across the world. My home town is my home base, but keep an eye on my main page to find out if I'll be in your city. I'd love to meet you! 

About My Practice

My practice would mean nothing without the support of friends, clients and fellow healers. My work is fulfilling and I have major gratitude for anyone who has lit the path. So thank you for your interest if you haven't yet visited my practice and thank you for returning if you have!

I have been practicing massage therapy since I graduated from Cortiva Institute (Chicago School of Massage Therapy) in 2009. Since then, I have worked in many different environments from spas, private studios, community health centers, community events, sporting events, spa parties, and for staff at places like schools, offices and tattoo shops. My healing style is personalized, versatile and unique. 


My mission 

It is my mission to create a safe space for massage that is accessible in all the ways I can make it, compassionate, understanding, trauma informed, consent based, queer and all gender friendly, body positive and disability friendly. Through being open-minded and flexible, listening to what people need and being able to apply my knowledge to the various situations that have come up through each individual's needs, I create a comfortable and satisfying experience for my clients. I aim to make receiving bodywork a priority and not a privilege. 

As woman of color, a person who has experienced trauma, body shaming and queerphobia myself, I understand the importance of healing work to marginalized communities and that is where my main focus is. At the locations I can offer this service, I work on a sliding scale and am open to trades and sponsored massages! Find out more about this on my services page!

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