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For Clients with Disability
Although I much prefer to work in my studio space, I am more than happy to do a home visit for any clients who are unable to leave their home or for whom I cannot accommodate in my studio space due to a disability at the same sliding scale rate 

1 hour $45-$90

90min $70-$120

For clients without a disability,
I am also open to the occasional home visit for those who wish to experience the convenience of relaxation in their own space. I prioritize home visits where multiple clients will be seen.
60-90mins each only.  Maximum 4 people
My home visit Rates are still sliding scale but with adjustments to compensate me for travel and clean-up.

1 hour $70-$120

90min $100-$150


Clients with disabilities or other circumstances that prevent them from getting on and off my massage table must give me detailed information about where they prefer to be massaged and in what positions they are comfortable being worked on.

All other clients who wish to have a home visit must have a clean space for my massage table with room for me to work.
Please let me know if there is an elevator or stairs to enter your home.


  • Any clients who are NOT regulars will be asked for a negative Covid-19 test result from no earlier than 2 days prior to appointment.

  • ALL clients must have their temperature checked and must have a 99 degree reading or lower to proceed.

  • ALL clients are required to wear masks for the duration of the appointment from the moment I arrive til the moment I've left.

  • I must be able to access an area for sanitizing/handwashing

  • ALL clients must sanitize their hands upon my arrival and before the massage

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